Dust Abatement and Road Stabilization

Dust Abatement Policy


When magnesium chloride has been applied, please drive accordingly until it is dry.
Magnesium chloride is water based and can be removed with water pressure.

Dust Control / Road Stabilization Information for Residents

District 1 will start applying magnesium chloride in the first or second week of May 2016.

District 2 began applying magnesium chloride on Monday, April 25, 2016.

District 3 will start applying magnesium chloride in mid May 2016.

The program includes 226 miles or 59% of County maintained gravel roads.  Gravel is stabilized to reduce routine maintenance.  This also reduces fugitive dust by 50% to 80%.  100% dust elimination is not feasible.

Product is typically applied by Road & Bridge crews during late May & June.   2015 was proven to be a drier spring, resulting in an earlier start of application.  This product MUST last all summer without re-application.  Rain over 0.10 inches helps rejuvenate dust control.

Due to budget constraints, roads must have over 100 average daily traffic counts to be considered for the program.  Road & Bridge conducts formal traffic counts annually where deemed necessary.  That amount of traffic wears down gravel causing a 10-year rehabilitation cycle.  Annual dust control cost is about equal to replacement gravel cost.  Tax dollars are spent effectively.

Dust Abatement Truck Applying (2)

County maintained gravel roads not in the program may receive dust control at the expense of private parties (not tax payers).  Residents may hire a licensed and bonded contractor to apply dust control.  Contractors MUST secure a permit from Road & Bridge prior to applying dust control on County maintained gravel roads.

Contact Road & Bridge for a list of authorized contractors, email:  roads@bonnercountyid.gov

Road & Bridge cannot be hired to apply dust control for private parties.

Privately maintained roads are NOT eligible for the Road & Bridge dust control program.  If Road & Bridge does not plow snow off your road, then we will not apply dust control on your road.


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