Jury Service

Jury Service is an essential element of our judicial system. Trial by a jury is provided as a constitutional right.  Serving on a jury is one of the highest privileges and responsibilities of citizenship for your Community and your Country.

   Jury Reporting Information


to be sure you have read all of the pertinent jury reporting information. If the jury message has not changed and it is supposed to have, please call the jury message line at 265-1477 or 290-4993.

PLEASE NOTE:  The jury office will be closed Thursday, November 23rd for Thanksgiving Day.

Panel 11  Jurors for NOVEMBER

  • Reporting Numbers Assigned: 
  • Trial Date:  
  • Instructions:  There are no trials the week of November 20th. Please remember to check for instructions again Friday, November 24th after 6:00 pm for instructions for the week of November 27th.

    ***********************************************************************REPORTING NUMBERS 247 THROUGH 350
    have been assigned to a special proceedings beginning Monday, November 27th. A letter of instruction was mailed to you on Friday, November 3rd. If you have not received this letter please contact the Jury Office immediately.
    Jurors with a special Thursday reporting schedule know who they are.  Only jurors who have made a special arrangement with the Jury Office or have been told to specifically report on this day due to failure to appear at a previous trial are included in this category.

Reporting Times for Jury Service
Though jurors typically report for trials in the morning,  the reporting time may vary between 7:30 am and 10:30 am.  There are also times when jurors will be asked to report in the afternoon.  The court schedule is very dynamic and reporting times cannot always be determined by the time you check in on Friday evenings.  The Jury Office will always instruct you to check back the evening before your trial is scheduled for further reporting information.

The Jury Office has been notified of a potential Jury Service Scam in our area.  The Bonner County Jury Office would never make a threatening phone call to a juror and/or demand payment or request personal information for jury service non-compliance.  The caller may even identify himself/herself as an officer you may know.  We have a very small community. The Sandpoint Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office would not contact you and ask you for personal information either.    DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE.  If you think you have been part of a jury scam, please contact the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch number at 208-265-5525 and call the Jury Office at 208-265-1443.  If your issue is not resolved, please let us know immediately.

Contact Information:

  • Jury Commissioner:  Christine Quayle
  • Assistants:  Jackie Hall and Tori Cavender
  • Phone Number:  208-265-1443                    Fax:  208-265-1475
  • E-mail:  jury@bonnercountyid.gov
  • Location:  Bonner County Courthouse, 215 First Avenue,     Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864
  • Map to Courthouse
  • Public parking is available in the lot south of the courthouse
  • Office Hours:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays

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