Justice Services

The Justice Services Department  encompasses three divisions: the Juvenile Probation Department, Adult Misdemeanor Probation Department, and the Juvenile Detention Center.   Supervised Community Service & The Plant House is also conducted at Justice Services for adults and juveniles on supervised probation.

Our mission statement:

To protect the community from delinquency and crimes, to impose accountability for offenses committed, and to equip offenders with the required competencies to live productively and responsibly in the community.


  • To promote due process for offenders.
  • To enforce Court orders.
  • To provide consistent, professional service to the Court.
  • To advise, assist, and coordinate with local resource agencies.
  • To keep children in the community and in their homes.
  • To promote drug free lifestyles.
  • To assist victims through education and awareness.
  • To model positive values.
  • To promote educational/vocational opportunities.
  • To promote good decision –making and goal-setting skills.
  • To make appropriate referrals.
  • To promote cross-cultural awareness.
  • To provide for the safety of the community.
  • To promote healthy and safe families.

Ron Stultz, Director – ron.stultz@bonnercountyid.gov

Office Hours:                              We are Located at:
7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.             4002 Samuelson Avenue
Phone: 208-263-1602          Sandpoint, ID  83864
Fax:      208-263-1899          Directions

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