Priest Lake Television Translator District

The Bonner County Commissioners shall appoint a board not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) trustees to administer the affairs of the district. Each Trustee shall be appointed for a three (3) year term.
In the event of a vacancy by death, resignation, removal from the district or otherwise, a new trustee shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to fill the vacancy to the end of the term of the trustee causing the vacancy. Each of the trustees shall be a resident real property owner from within the translator district. (Idaho Statute 31-4110).

Formation of the Priest Lake Translator District
Idaho Title 31 Governing Translator Districts


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Channel Lineup

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The Priest Lake Translator District Trustees meet for regular quarterly meetings at the Priest Lake Public Library meeting room at 28769 Hwy 57, Priest Lake, ID. Special or emergency meetings are called by the board as necessary. The quarterly meetings take place on the 2nd Monday of February, May, August, and November at 4 PM.


Board members (Trustees)

  • Karl Duncan
  • Don Pratt
  • Rob Ward
  • Doug Baker
  • Bruce Yocum
  • Larry
  • Galen Miller, Chairman

Contact Info:
PO Box 53
Coolin, ID 83821
Phone:    (208) 448-2492
Secretary/Bookkeeper: Rosemary Yocum

 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

January  13, 2016 Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2016 Meeting Minutes
August 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes

2015 Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes


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