Claim Forms: Tort, Auto, Workers Compensation, Property

Filing a Tort Claim (Idaho Code:  Title 6, Chapter 9)
  • To file a claim for damages, please complete the Notice of Tort for Damage or Injury within the allotted timeline.
  • The form must be filed with the Clerk of the Court.  Send or deliver the completed form along with any photos, estimates or receipts to:
              • Deputy Clerk
              • Bonner County Courthouse
              • 215 South First Avenue
              • Sandpoint, ID  83864

Internal Forms

The following forms are for internal use only (not for non-employee use). Please choose the correct form based on if property damage occurred or the Accident Report From if an accident took place.

Workers Compensation

For an employee injured at work:

2016 Occ Health Work Injury Protocol Flyer

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