The Technology Department manages four primary areas:

  • public safety technology
  • geospatial systems
  • information technology
  • communication systems

Public Safety Technology:  The Public Safety Team manages the technical resources of the Sheriff’s Office and the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center.  This includes the software, hardware, network, and communications Public Safety assets.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS):   The GIS Team manages the geospatial data of the county and surrounding areas.  The GIS Team integrates a Department’s data with spatial information to enable the county’s data to be visualized, analyzed and printed spatially.  The GIS Team provides support to all programs of the county that require spatial applications.  The GIS Team also provides the public with geosptial data in an interactive mapping application located at  URL

Clark Fork Delta Aerial Photography

Information Technology:  The IT Team manages the network and computer assets of the county.  The IT team supports all the county users of technology with technical support and administers and operates the technology help desk system.   The IT Team is responsible for the back office assets of the county that includes networks and  internet access, servers, routers, switches and network storage and manage the security, access  and credentials of authorized users of the network.

Communications:  The  Communication Team manages the communication assets of the County including base/mobile/portable radios systems, repeater sites, microwave network and telephones.

Public Safety Communications Site on Baldy Mountain
Public Safety Communications Site on Baldy Mountain

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