Bonner County  – Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to the Bonner County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) site.  GIS is the combination of computer hardware, software, and spatial and tabular data.  GIS enables decision-makers and information-seekers to store, manage, retrieve, view, analyze, and distribute large amounts of information efficiently.

The main objective of the Bonner County GIS Team is to provide centralized, accurate and current geographic data to county departments, other government agencies, and the public. Geographic data and maps can be downloaded from this site and/or from other specific county websites as they become available.


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Use this link to access the Bonner County GIS Mapping Application Interactive Map

Recent updates have been made to the Mapping Application including a tutorial and improved drawing capabilities.
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For best results, we suggest using the Mapping Application with Google Chrome.

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The document collection contains various types of documents including unrecorded plats. It is being added to daily so check back often. 

Bonner County GIS Data can be downloaded from our FTP site.
  • For data compiled into one  File Geodatabase click here.
  •  For data in individual Shape Files click here.
  • For other GIS related data and maps click here.
  • For archived ( information not maintained) including CAD dwgs
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Maps in PDF format

Land Ownership Map for Bonner County –  This is a map that classifies the different types of land ownership in Bonner County.  It has variety of categories including US Government, State, County as well as some types of private properties such as production forest lands and conservation easements.

2017 – Bonner County Map –  This maps navigates to the Bonner County Facilities and displays the Recreational Sites through out the County.

Zoning Maps

Bonner County Official Zoning Map (High Resolution)
Bonner County Official Zoning Map (Low Resolution)
Bonner County Zoning Supplemental Maps
Bonner County Comprehensive Plan (High Resolution)
Bonner County Comprehensive Plan (Low Resolution)

School Trustee Districts

Lakeland School District – Zone 1
Lakeland School District – Zone 2
Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 – Zone 1
Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 – Zone 2
Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 – Zone 3
Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 – Zone 4
Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 – Zone 5
West Bonner School District – Zone 1
West Bonner School District – Zone 2
West Bonner School District – Zone 3
West Bonner School District – Zone 4
West Bonner School District – Zone 5

All data is projected into Idaho State Plane West coordinates, 1983 North American Datum (NAD 83) with US Survey Foot units. File formats may be in Adobe Acrobat (PDF), ArcView shapefiles (.shp/.shx/.dbf) or AutoCAD drawing files (.dwg). These files may be contained within WinZip compressed files (.zip) and include standard metadata and projection files.

Directions and Contact Information

The GIS office is located in the Bonner County Administration Building .
1500 Highway 2, Suite  115, Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864
Phone: 208-265-1469

For Historical Aerial and Satellite Imagery:

The United States Geological Survey permits you to query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products on-line of Bonner County, Idaho and the entire US with the Earth Explorer mapping application located at:

Additional State-Wide GIS Data
Visit Inside Idaho for additional GIS data

For more information about GIS please visit


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