Glen Bailey

Glen Bailey, Commissioner
District 1

I first had the pleasure of experiencing the most beautiful place in Idaho in 1992.  I decided right then and there that Bonner County would be where I retired when I ended my military service.  My lovely wife Cheryl was born and raised here – she knew (prayed) that I would choose Cocolalla over Alaska!

Yes, I’ve come to love the horse raising, fence mending, hoof trimming, firewood cutting, haying and gardening that have greatly reduced my time for hunting, fishing, and hiking…that I once lived for.

I want my grand kids and grown children to have the same opportunities that I have enjoyed.  I believe that getting a good education, developing your talents, building strong friendships and following your dreams are the basis of a happy life.

I believe that government should only provide the critical functions that individuals or private organizations cannot.  The most effective and responsive government is local – and should not intrude into every aspect of our lives.

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the good people of Bonner County!

Local government working for the citizens in the panhandle of northern Idaho …