Civil Protection Order Information

The Civil Protection Order (CPO) is a civil court order signed by a Judge. Only a Judge can change the Order. The person who requested the order can NOT say that the order is terminated or change its terms. Although the CPO is a civil order, violating it could result in Criminal charges.  Please read your order carefully and completely. You will have a hearing within 14 days of your CPO being granted, and can find the time and date of that hearing on page 4 of your CPO.

What does No Contact mean?

No contact means exactly that, NO CONTACT. This includes by phone, fax, e-mail and in person. This also means no gifts; flowers or presents of any kind can be given, even through someone else or by leaving gifts where the protected person can find them. These are all violations of the CPO and respondent can be arrested.

What is 3rd Party Contact?

Third party contact is contact through another person. The respondent (restrained person) may not have a friend, relative, children or any other person contact you on their behalf or deliver a message or gift of any kind to you. Third party contact is a violation of the CPO and respondent can be arrested.

What happens at the 14 day hearing? Does the Restrained person have to attend?

It is important that you attend your 14 day hearing. The Respondent will be at the 14 day hearing. Knowing that this can be difficult, a VAST advocate can attend the hearing with the petitioner for support. During this hearing, the Judge will decide whether or not to continue the CPO for a period of 90 days by hearing testimony from both parties.

  • If the petitioner does not attend the hearing, the order will be dismissed.*
  • If the respondent does not attend the hearing, the order will automatically be granted if petitioner is present and asks for it to continue.*

What happens if I need to modify or want to dismiss the order?

If you need to modify your CPO or wish to have it dismissed, VAST has a form you must fill out and submit to the Judge explaining your reasons. Your Judge will review and make a decision. Your CPO is not changed or dismissed until you receive a written order signed by the Judge.

What happens if I see the respondent in public?

If you are in a public place and you run into the respondent, it is the respondent’s responsibility to leave the area. Do not confront the respondent. If respondent attempts to speak to you, walk away. This is a violation and respondent can be arrested.

 What do I do if Respondent violates the CPO?

If a violation of your CPO has occurred, you need to report it to Law Enforcement by calling Dispatch at 265-5525. If it is an emergency and you are in danger, call 911.

 *If your CPO is a mutual order, that means everything above applies to you as well.*

Click here to download a printable civil protection order, (CPO)

 If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, you may call VAST at 265-3586 .

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