VAST – Resources

Resources:  Books and Brochures

VAST has numerous educational materials that are available to the public, free of charge.
Below you will a find a list of publications.
To request materials, please contact us.


  • It shouldn’t hurt to go home – Domestic Violence Handbook
  • Scars aren’t always visible – Domestic Violence Awareness trifold handbook
  • Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence
  •  The Sexual Violence Continuum – Sexual Assault Victim’s Handbook
  • Myths & Facts – Sexual Assault Awareness trifold handbook
  • Are you being stalked? – Stalking Handbook
  • No Means Know – Teen Dating Violence Handbook

Vast also has a limited selection of books available for checkout. Please contact the advocates during business hours for availability


  • Till Death Do Us Part:  Love, Marriage, and the mind of the killer spouse.
  • Chains Can Be Broken:  This book is for anyone who has, or is acquainted with someone who has lived through the chaos of abuse; physical, mental, sexual, spiritual and substance.
  • No!:  How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life.
  • When Love Hurts:  A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships.
  • Abused Men:  The hidden side of Domestic Violence.
  • The Wounded Heart:  Hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse.
  • How to spot a dangerous man:   Use this workbook to study your dating patterns and relationship choices. The 22 worksheet and quizzes will reveal your red flags, warning signals, and help you to create a personal “do-not-date” list.
  • Crime Victim’s Guide to Justice:  * Privacy rights explanation * Crime reporting directions * Case filing information * Testimony tips * details for suing a criminal * information on getting help. A simple English explanation of the law. Written by a Lawyer
  • Stop Walking on Eggshells:  Taking your life back when someone you care about has Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • The Verbally Abusive Relationship:  How to recognize it and how to respond.
  • To Punish and Protect:  One DA’s fight against a system that coddles Criminals.
  • Recovering From Rape:  Practical advice on overcoming the trauma and coping with Police, Hospitals, and the Courts. For the survivors of sexual assault and their families, lovers, and friends.
  • My Son… My Son…:  A guide to healing after death, loss, or suicide.
  • Insult to Injury:  Rethinking our responses to Intimate Abuse.
  • A Private Family Matter:  A document of Triumph over Cruelty.
  • The Courage to Heal:  A guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse.

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